Important Reminders for One Nation Members

Todd and Rick are here today to remind us of some important information about One Nation Slowpitch as we come out on the other side of this pandemic, and people have gotten back to playing slowpitch! We wanted to make sure our teams, members, and managers have some clarification with specific details as we get into the 2020 postseason.


There will be no uniform requirements for this year's events. In our rulebook, it states that for state, nationals, and worlds, that a team must have uniforms: however, that will not be enforced this year as many teams have had difficulty getting their orders due to the pandemic. 

World Series Qualification Requirements

Normally, it's two qualifiers plus mandatory states. We waived all those qualification requirements. The only caveat to this is that if you haven't played any One Nation events up until August 1st, you must have your team and at least 10 players on your roster by August 1st to be eligible for World Series play.


We decided that with some areas of the country not being able to play up until recently, and with some areas still not being able to play, we didn't want that to hinder any teams with their seating. So, we've done away with points and seating. 

We have been tossing around the idea of rewarding teams that have played nationals and/ or states and seating them in groups of threes and pods. And we'll get into a little bit more about that information soon!

Roster Lock Date

On our calendar and in our bylaws, we stated that roster lock would start on June 1st, 2020. We pushed that date up a month, so the last date for roaster and class lock was on July 1st. Hopefully, that extra months gave you enough time to finalize your decisions! 

What is Roster Lock?

With roster lock, you cannot return to a previous team unless you sit out 21 days. So, dropping a player and having them go play with another team for a weekend, picking them back up, then ended on July 1st.
Players can only be released two times for the rest of the season.

Chips on Your Roster

We don't have a deadline to add chips. If you have a chip available, you can use it up until the very last minute of any tournament, including World Series play. If you have a chip and he can't go to a World Series event, you can drop him, pick up another chip as long as you have three or less upper players on your roster, you're good to go!

Thank You!

We want to thank everyone for being in touch and being flexible with these changes as we want to provide you guys with the best possible experience and opportunity to play! We are looking forward to what's to come with nationals and worlds, and we can't wait to see you!

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