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benefits of player classification at one nation sportsWe know how important player classification is to players when we talk about the experiences that you want to have. So, One Nation Slow Pitch is coming up with every opportunity to put you in the right class that gives you the opportunity to play the game that you love to play.

The Benefits of Player Classification

We focus on safety and integrity when it comes to player classification, in order to do this, One Nation will place a "+" tag next to any players who need to have a handicap. The plus tag is not an indicator of a higher-class player. What it means is that a player who receives a plus tag will not be permitted to play in the next lower level.

For example, if you are a D+ player, that just means you can't play E. You can still play all the levels above you if you want to. 

Another advantage is that with One Nation Slow Pitch, you can create a whole roster of + players. That doesn't mean they're higher level players playing down. It just means that those players should not be playing in a lower class. This gives our customers that great and opportunity to play into classes with that plus tag.

Players who do not receive a plus tag will be permitted to play one level lower as a "chip" player on a One Nation Slow Pitch team. 


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